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Treat your soul and go on safari



Treat your soul and go on safari

There is something so serene about being out in nature, sipping on a local beer, toasting under the sun and being surrounded by the beautiful wildlife and culture that any African safari experience has to offer. Going on a safari adventure is something very addictive. From locals to international guests, safari has quickly become the ultimate holiday for anyone looking to get away from their everyday hustle and bustle.

If your idea of going on holiday is to relax, spend time with those closest to you, spend time outside and go on exciting adventures, then a safari experience is definitely for you. You do not have to worry about the safety element of these trips, as they are always planned and guided by qualified and experienced professionals. If you stick to the advice and rules provided, you’ll be perfectly fine.

Here is why a safari adventure is the perfect soul cleanser:  

  • It forces you to be in the moment

With technology playing such an important role in our lives, sometimes it’s really important to cut off and disconnect from everything. When we feel that we are free from any pressure, stress and constant communication, we naturally become more relaxed and present in the moment. In the bush, people are naturally more calm, immersed in whatever is or isn’t happening minute by minute. Just like mindfulness, yoga and meditation, being more in the moment delivers great advantages for our minds and souls.

  • Life slows down

Life has become increasingly fast, which is why the demand for regular holidays is more apparent. When you go on safari, your days are taken at a much slower pace. This adds to your sense of wellbeing and it gives you more time to focus on, and do the things that are important to you.

  • Allows you to appreciate the finer things in life

Going on safari is not only about the getaway aspect, but also about seeing things that you are not familiar with in your day-to-day life. Nature and wildlife are such calming elements, and taking the time to focus on these finer, more beautiful things in life is enriching. It’s also a great opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and just unwind in a completely different environment. There is something about the unknown in safari life that leaves you crawling back for more.

  • Being outside is good for your health

They say that being outside for just fifteen minutes can make you happier. Imagine spending a week in nature without any access to mobile phones, internet, fancy clothes, or anything that you usually deal with. An absolute breeze! For most internationals guests, being outside and experiencing sunny weather is a complete treat. On a trip to safari, you can expect to be spending your days outside, breathing in a lot of fresh air and catching your much-needed Vitamin D. When we experience these things, our souls are fed with happiness and warmth; something that is a necessity every once in a while.

  • Makes you engage with your senses

Being in the bush is already a nerve-wracking experience for some, which is why we tend to rely more on our senses in these moments. When we are more stimulated by the things around us, we become calmer. It’s really important to sometimes just listen to your body and explore new things in a new environment. The sense of feeling ‘alive’ is thrilling and especially when you are surrounded by the iconic Big 5, of course there is a slight element of danger in the air. Embrace that vulnerability as it makes you feel ‘free’ and present. Also, take the time to really learn more about the African culture and just immerse yourself in awe at the fascinating animals around you, while you fall asleep to the peaceful sound of nature.

  • Helps you feel connected to things around you

Like yoga, feeling that earthly connection is one of the most addictive feelings on safari adventures. When we are closer to nature, it makes us more aware of our connection with the cultures, animals and our picturesque surroundings. The feeling of being ‘connected’ to your moment is truly great for our health.

One of the beautiful things that safari experiences also allow for, is the ability to learn more about wild animals and their peculiarities. After all, you’re stepping foot into an environment that belongs to nature.

  • Gives you a better perspective on life

If you are hoping to gain a new perspective on your trip then you will. Life on African game farms involves a different pace of life. From the people you meet, to the things you see and the feelings you feel, going on safari is a life-changing experience. Be rid of the materialistic lifestyle for a while and connect with yourself and nature. Go and allow your mind to relax and your perspective to be changed.